Things in the kitchen – intermediate vocabulary exercises with pictures

kitchen vocabulary

Things in the kitchen – set 1

This is a series of intermediate level vocabulary exercises around the topic of “Things in the kitchen”. The image above originally appeared on our Facebook page¬†(,¬†where we regularly post useful and sometimes funny links, photos and tips for learners of English.

The first in the series is a matching exercise, using the pictures and vocabulary above:

The next one is a crossword, with the same vocabulary items as in the previous exercise:

The third exercise with these vocabulary items is a short-answer quiz:

Here is the second set of pictures:

Things in the kitchen - set 2

Things in the kitchen – set 2

This is the first exercise based on the vocabulary items in this picture – match the pictures to the words:

The next exercise is a crossword again:

And the last exercise for set 2 is a short-answer quiz:

More exercises on the same topic will follow soon (and this post will be updated to reflect the changes).

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to comment below – we’re interested in your opinion :) .

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  1. It was very useful. Many thanks:
    Kati Svaby

  2. learning english speaking

    Very helpful review.

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